Where To Next? My Top 5 Travel Moments Of 2016


I met a lady a few weeks ago who turned 60 last year and pledged to do 60 things she had never done before, in 2016. Hearing her stories and the determination she had (she did all 60, by the way), was incredibly inspiring, and has me itching for more adventures this year – in Australia and abroad.

While I haven’t made a list like that for 2017 yet, I have noted a few personal goals below as well as my top 5 travel moments of the past year – hope you enjoy!

Personal Goals For 2017

  • A return trip to NYC.
  • I was born in Bosnia and my last trip was 10 years ago, so I really want to make an effort to explore Bosnia, Croatia, and the surrounding Balkans like a local and a tourist. And see all of my relatives!
  • Meditate daily and float weekly. (If you don’t know what I mean by floating, read this).
  •  Go on more spontaneous adventures
  •  Grow We Who Wander into a business that can support me
  • Say yes more (to people, to adventures etc.)

Top 5 Travel Moments Of 2016

I really tried not to have every moment relate to New York…


Top Of The Rock, New York

I think I summed it up well in one of my insta captions: For years I’ve been saving pictures of this view on my phone, now I finally have a few to call my own ? I’m still talking about this trip a year later, and it’s made me so sad this Christmas and New Years knowing that this time last year I was in New York. Seeing this view from the Top Of The Rock in person was unbelievable, and remains my favourite of views.

So, so overdue. But my Mid-Manhattan post will be live in the next few weeks!

Honeymoon Bay, Tasmania

It was the only scorching day during our trip and we’d just completed the Wineglass Bay Lookout hike. Wanting to explore Freycinet National Park just a little more before our 2.5 hour drive back to our Airbnb, we picked the closest bay to explore and drove. Walking through the trees and seeing big orange rocks surrounded by the waters of Coles Bay and dipping our feet in was a wonderful feeling and end to our day.

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Lower Manhattan, New York

Everything from the atmosphere, the stores, eating at By Chloe non-stop, walking hours on end with my Mum and also meeting my long-time Internet friend Lauren for the first time (then hanging out numerous times throughout the trip). This little piece of Manhattan is forever embedded in my heart with incredible memories and I’m forever looking for an excuse to go back (no excuses needed, really).

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South East Coast, New South Wales

Other than my first real road trip with friends being a success, what comes to mind about this trip straight away (other than the good food and serenity of staying at a farm stay in Berry), is our short trip to Callala Beach. I remember swimming in the clearest waters I’ve seen in Australia, playing around in the water and laughing non-stop.

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Central Park, New York

We kept retreating back to Central Park after Christmas and New Years to get a little dose of nature, albeit in Winter. We’d stop off at Maison Kayser at Columbus Circle for a coffee and sandwich or double chocolate cookie and then have lunch on the park benches, people watch and soak the calm in among the chaos.

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Here’s to many more adventures in 2017 – tell me about your plans for this year