Taking Stock: October

A series of things I’ve been loving, thinking about and doing this month. I found this nice little blog idea from Pip over at Meet Me At Mike’s, and thought I’d incorporate it into a monthly series on here too. So let’s get started!

checked blazer, faux leather pants, monthly favourites


Making : Uštipci (fried dough balls popular in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia etc.) with this Israeli Chocolate Spread that is the closest I’ve gotten to vegan Nutella.

Cooking : The Best Tofu Scramble from the Smith & Daughters Cookbook

Drinking : Chai lattes.

Reading: *supposed to be reading* Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. I’ve been carrying this book around for about 6 months, all through Bosnia and Croatia in my suitcase and now sitting back on my shelf. I really want to read it, I just haven’t picked it up properly for whatever reason.

Trawling: Pinterest for some bedroom inspo. Really need to redecorate and I’ve started with fairy lights hanging down my walls!

Wanting: To be back in Croatia – exploring, tanning, eating pasta and fries all day long and going for drinks.

Looking: For more good rom coms to watch, this process always takes 3 hours for Marina and I??

Deciding: Where my next trip should be – Byron Bay?

Wishing: Australia got more into the holiday season, so I could do things like this and this.

Enjoying: Watching 40 minutes worth of Zoe and Mark baking Halloween cupcakes

Waiting: For Smith & Daughters to bring back their Mexican menu… quesadillas, corn & tuna croquettes, street corn!

Liking: The fact that Friday will be 27 degrees and tanning weather!

Wondering: How I’m going to pull off Vlogmas. 24 days. 24 videos. Uploaded daily…

Loving: Movies about travel. Under The Tuscan Sun, Leap Year, Letters To Juliet…ahh.

Pondering: How my Macbook is always full??

Listening: To Niall’s new album, Flicker. Faves are all of them. Also always listening to my Dino Merlin playlist.

Considering: A Summer roadtrip…

Buying: A new camera lens…. 25mm or 45mm?

Watching: Kara Sevda – a Turkish show I watch with Bosnian/Croatian subtitles and am O B S E S S E D. Pls watch it.

Hoping: My parents were lying when they told me the ending of Kara Sevda..

Marvelling: At Sunny’s photography skills while editing this post.

Cringing: At the thought of my eyebrows 10 years ago. wHY.

Needing: To figure out how Sam Kolder edits videos??

Questioning: Some of the things in my wardrobe…

Smelling: My berry breakfast smoothie.

Wearing: A Tupac tee, trackies and my Bailey Nelson glasses.

Noticing: There’s less than a month until my birthday and I need to plan something for it.

Knowing: I need to film this months favourites video… but trying to find enough items for it.

Trouble-shooting: My macbook storage. Seriously, how is it still full???

Thinking: About my parent’s kitten, Nala.

Admiring: Anyone who doesn’t get hangry.. How??

Getting: Hungry. Always.

Bookmarking: This homemade vegan crunchie bars recipe from BOSH!

Opening: Another episode from my Turkish show. Shhhhh….

Closing: A Balkan hits playlist on YouTube

Feeling: Alright!

Dreaming: Of travel, 24/7.

Hearing: The whooshing of cars outside. And my Dino Merlin playlist.

Celebrating: Marina and I’s 3 year Facebook anniversary

Pretending: I didn’t get up at midnight and eat the rest of the guacamole + corn chips my brother + his gf made… it was him I swear

Embracing: This whole bangs situation I’ve had going on.