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Click to shop: Nars Audacious Matte Lipstick in Red Lizard / H&M Circle Drop Earrings (similar here and more below) / H&M Wide Sleeve Shirt (similar here)

Now, I’m a ring person. Five on each finger is not too much, in fact, I’ll probably want more. But, not until a recent trip to H&M did I realise how much I’ve deprived my lobes (and neck – I rarely wear necklaces) of great statement pieces over the years. I fell in love with these stunning minimalistic gold circle drop earrings (and at $9.95, thank you) a few weeks ago, then swiftly continued my journey on the world wide web, wide-eyed at all of the possibilities of minimalistic earrings, statement earrings, in-between.. you get the idea. I’ve discovered a whole new world.

Check out some of my favourite simple picks below – Samantha Wills and David Jones clearly are on the ball with it.


Shop The Earrings:

1. David Jones – Circle Drop Earrings
2. Samantha Wills – Dawn’s Exhale Earrings
3. Sarah & Sebastian – Long Face Earring
4. Anton Heunis – Opulent Minimalism Earrings
5. Samantha Wills – Lion’s Gate Drop Earrings
6. Samantha Wills – Parisian Dusk Earrings
7. David Jones – Open Hoop Earrings
8. Samantha Wills – Hunter & Gatherer Hook Earrings
9. David Jones – Double Take Hoop Earrings