4 Things That Re-Inspired Me This Week

Last Thursday night, my brother walked into my room to see me staring at the wall. And, despite the list of vlog ideas I had on my laptop, a 2 month long editorial calendar waiting to be executed for my blog, and a whole bunch of content on instagram I had to schedule and caption… none of it I felt like doing.

I was so uninspired and super frustrated that I had 2 days off to get shit done that I couldn’t bring myself to do. So, I did what made me even more frustrated and stared and stared at the wall. For two hours.

“Maybe you should meditate?” Usually a yes, but nah. “Exercise?” I went to a barre class this morning. “Go for a walk?” Nope. “Watch a doco? Read something? Youtube?” No, no and no.

As a creative, it’s hard enough to try and stay inspired and motivated, let alone having a business where you’re your own boss and kicking your own ass into shape. I know I’m not the only one whose been there, nor the last time I’ll be there, so here’s a little list of 4 things that snapped me out of my creative block last week.

1. Keep It Candid Podcast

I loooove listening to Sophie and Millie chat about literally everything on a weekly basis, but the podcast that I fell in love with was blogging related. In particular, how much to charge as a blogger. What was a first for me to hear was bloggers actually disclosing their rateswhen usually everyone is super vague  about it. Money is a sensitive topic and people don’t have to talk about it, but in such a new industry where we’re all pretty much winging it, it’s helpful to hear exact figures and work out your own rates based on reach, engagement, quality of work etc.

2. Talking to Marina (or a friend)

Basically my Momager, she’s the Kris Jenner to my Kim. The day after my wall staring I told Marina what was up, and straight away she started bouncing around ideas on what I could do for my YouTube channel. We did a little outfit and video brainstorming, and she kicked my butt especially when she said, “If you want to do it full time, treat it like your full time job.” So having a friend that understands your situation and chatting to them (it doesn’t even have to be work related) should get your creative thoughts flowing!

3. Pinterest

I think one of the reasons I was uninspired was because my Instagram was scheduled with travel posts for the next month or so, and while I do find travel super inspiring, on a day to day basis what gets me excited is *surprise surprise* street style. Not having to style outfits for shoots for a few weeks probably threw me off balance for a bit, so I logged back into Pinterest and poured myself into street style looks from previous Fashion Weeks, and in turn brought out more YouTube video ideas too!

4. Song Of Style’s NYFW Vlogs

Aimee has an incredible team around her and it shows especially in the daily vlogs they produce during Fashion Week. The editing is creative, and the videos are always super informative, helpful, inspirational and funny. Aimee’s my favourite OG blogger because she always provides value, so I always get good vibes after seeing what she’s been up to.

I’d love to know what helps re-inspire you in the comments so I can try them out too!


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