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Let’s be honest, one of the toughest processes as a girl is trying to find the perfect bikini – right? How I’d love to get a new pair every season, but usually what stops me is the search, endless change room trips, and the testing of my patience before throwing my hands up and going home empty handed.

Oh, how naïve I was back then, and how much time and effort I could have saved these past 5 years if I had just known about the greatest idea ever that is Kini Swimwear. The smart ladies behind Kini, Em & Elle, understood just how hard it is to find a bikini that ticks all of the boxes – something that’s functional, flattering, and on-trend – and how disappointing it is when you have to sacrifice one for the other – at least before Kini was born.

Kini allows you to customise your bikini to your hearts content and doesn’t just stop at colours and prints, but includes the most important aspect – style. Do you want a high waisted pin-up bottom? How about a racer crop top style? Bandeau? Halter? Triangle? Boy leg? Retro? Literally you name it – you can have it. And let’s not forget you can choose whether you want tie-straps, over the neck straps, a zip, frills, a ruched or fold-over bottoms, or buckles. You can even Shop Your Shape first, to get an idea of what may or may not suit.

I spent hours and hours on the website (naturally, there were so many super important decisions to be made) and I finally settled on something versatile, however seemingly simple it may be from first glance.

I designed a high-waisted, retro bottom, with stripes in all directions as well as the right places, to give me the illusion of the booty that I’ve been putting myself through the 1000 steps for, at minimal effort. Also, I’m a complete sucker for stripes, as I’m sure you can recall. With the top, I opted for a metallic black and white design, purely so I can mix and match with the many other pairs I’ll be ordering from Kini. Now I just can’t wait to get these babies and pretend that Summer isn’t slowly fading away 😉

The thing is that the fun doesn’t stop there…. this literally solves all future present giving dilemmas. Don’t know what to get your girl friend/sister/mother for their birthday/Christmas? How about their dream bikini? The best part is – it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

// Kini Swimwear // 

design your own bikini, which bikini suits me, which bikini suits my shape, the perfect bikini, bikini trend 2015, kini swimwear, like a harte, ivana petrovic, bloggers in bikinis, australian fashion bloggers, melbourne fashion bloggers, ivana, bloggers,

  • Ivana Petrovic

    Aw I'm glad you've heard of it before – I love it!!

  • Ivana Petrovic

    It seems so obvious once it's right in front of you, doesn't it? Hahah!

  • Ivana Petrovic

    And aren't you glad you have? 😉

  • Ivana Petrovic

    Em and Elle are clever, clever ladies.

  • Ivana Petrovic

    I know! I just got mine in the maiiillll *happy dance*

  • Ivana Petrovic

    Good to hear! 🙂

  • Ivana Petrovic

    They're Melbourne based too 😉

  • Ivana Petrovic

    Me tooo!

  • Ivana Petrovic

    Stay tuned for the real post 😉

  • Ivana Petrovic

    Oh tell me about it. I'm so glad you like it, Mary! Let me know if you end up doing it!!!

  • Ivana Petrovic

    Oh no! Well, if you ever change your mind, you know where to look 🙂

  • Ivana Petrovic

    I just received it in the mail too so I can't wait to shoot it! 🙂

  • Ivana Petrovic

    Such lovely souls behind the idea too!

  • Ivana Petrovic


  • Ivana Petrovic

    Thanks Sonia x

  • Ivana Petrovic

    Hope you've checked them out – they're definitely worth it 🙂

  • Ivana Petrovic

    I know Candice, I know 😉

  • Ivana Petrovic

    Do it – you won't regret it!

  • Ivana Petrovic

    Me too – I tend to stick to the same cut but now I've gone for something different and I'm definitely happy with the decision! 🙂

  • Beautyandtheb

    I heard about this a while ago, such a good idea isn't it 🙂


    B x

  • sonia de macedo

    This is fabulous, how has no one ever thought to do something like this sooner though? Must check them out.


  • Lazy Obsession Blog

    This is a great idea! Never heard of it before now 🙂

    Lazy Obsession

  • Hana

    I love the fact that you can customize your bikini! Such a great idea.


  • Sera Brand

    thats so awesome! I gotta try that site out!


    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  • FoxandMint

    This looks so cool! I definitely want to check Kini out! 🙂 xx

  • Caroline

    Soo amazing!! Love this. xx


  • Theresa Enright

    This is such a good idea! Going to check it out right now, thank you!!
    And your bikini turned out so well. I'm such a sucker for high waisted swim bottoms.

    theresa | fashiontoa-t.blogspot.com

  • Mary

    Holy crap- this is definitely one of those times when I'm kicking myself for not thinking of that first! I can't wait to try this out, Ivana! I mean, bikini weather isn't toooo far away here in Philadelpia, haha…

    Mostly Salty Blog

  • Bash Harry

    Wow, that sounds incredible! I don't wear bikinis though, (don't even like the beach) but it sounds amazing!

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  • 365hangers

    This is way too cool, love it!! And love your pick!

    xx 365Hangers

  • Lucero Zambrano
  • The Fashion Panda

    Sounds great ! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • Sonia Verardo

    I love it! Very cool photos!

    Have a nice day lovely!

    xo from Italy,

    Sonia Verardo


  • Lenya

    Wow. this is so cool.

  • Candice Petersen

    These are stunning..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  • Piia

    This is an amazing idea! Definitely checking them out. And I love your blog, followed with Bloglovin'.

    Also thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!


    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY

  • Mica

    Oh what a great idea! 🙂 I'm useless when it comes to shopping for swimmers – like you I can only take so much of the change rooms before I give up and go home! If I do branch out and try a different style, I stick with that for a couple years….until I have the whim to try something different, haha. I have like 8 bikinis (4 in the exact same cut) and only 1 one-piece. So not adventurous with my swimwear!

    Away From The Blue